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User-friendly, comprehensive solutions

I have created several information systems during my years spent at financial institutions (MNB, MSCI, Morgan Stanley). Since both decision-makers and colleagues were satisfied with these, many utilized them and incorporated them into their daily work. These informational systems have greatly contributed to the effectiveness of the organization, as well as to more efficient and faster work.

I can help with the construction of information systems for companies, or to develop and improve already existing systems, including the training of staff members, employees.

Information systems I can help create and/or optimize:

  • Regular preparation of reports, evaluations and their automation
  • Automation of recurring tasks (orders, e-mails, managing entries - exits)
  • Analyses of large databases (finance, labour, health insurance, target-figures, data necessary for tenders)
  • Register of inventory (current assets, consumables, orders, stock, fuel supply)
  • Recording and summarizing of buyer, seller relations
  • Trade register
  • Automated e-mailing system within the organization or for partners
  • Receiving data from other systems (departments, factories, suppliers)
  • Linking of the above systems and tasks
  • Customized problem-solving
  • Etc.

Other issues I can help solve:

  • timetable management, scheduling
  • organizing telephone contacts
  • data selection
  • administration and management of inventory
  • compilation of orders, with respect to special requirements if needed
  • recording and managing the use of raw materials
  • simplifying the entry of accounting data
  • tracking the efficiency of production
  • checking production units and stores, with regard to specificities 
  • in case one of the numbers in a diagram is of a different scale than the rest, finding a solution
  • a terribly wide and long chart that has always been difficult to highlight using a mouse and has taken several minutes to select – helping to use an improved, better and quicker method
  • making "nice" charts
  • interpreting diagrams, charts
  • finding solutions with real and useful results
  • making the handling of software easy to understand for the user
  • creating user-friendly software
  • correct interpretation of results
  • special requirements for formatting charts/diagrams and inserting links/citations
  • Etc.