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During my university years, I already consciously prepared to combine my theoretical knowledge with practical experience after graduation, thus ensuring a high-quality service. Therefore, 10 years of practical experience, 6 years at leading multinationals (MSCI and Morgan Stanley) have made me a real practical user, I can see exactly what each method is good for, what is not, and what the perfect solution with the highest efficiency is for usual and unusual issues.

What can I offer?

- Market research and opinion poll (country-specific or worldwide)
- Employee survey (satisfaction, goals, strengths/weaknesses)
- Analysis of existing databases
- Preparing management information system
- Simple and difficult statistical analysis, modelling
- Rationalization and automation of Excel workflows
- Excel and VBA-macro courses for all levels

Why choose me?

- Several years of entrepreneurial experience of the above-mentioned areas
- 10 years of university teaching experience at several universities (University of Pécs, Eötvös Lóránd University, Óbuda University, Budapest Metropolitan University)
- 10-years of management and senior analyst position at leading multinational financial companies (MSCI, Morgan Stanley) and the Central Bank of Hungary
- Absolutely satisfied customers