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Market research and public surveys

Questionnaire surveys, from the editing of the questionnaire to the presentation of the results of the analysis

I taught market research and public surveying in both Hungarian and English languages for 8 years, as a consultant I have worked on dozens of theses and doctoral dissertations containing questionnaire surveys and I continue to do so to this day, as well as having published articles using the analyses of my own self-devised questionnaires and prepared analysis for companies, always keeping in mind the correct and accurate application of the latest methods.

What I can offer:

Based on this knowledge and experience do I recommend the preparation of questionnaire surveys, the management of their processing, the professional evaluation of the results and their comprehensible presentation. Some example fields of research:

  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Mapping of customer needs, habits and preferences
  • Getting familiarized with new markets
  • Impact assessment on price increases / reductions
  • Internal employee surveys
  • Understanding market trends
  • Analysis of competition, market share analysis
  • Assessment of the expected acceptance of a new product to be introduced
  • Effectiveness of marketing channels
  • Etc.

My publications related to this subject matter: 

  • János Wildmann – Catholic Mirror, The Hungarian Church and the European integration 2004 (Katolikus Tükör, A magyar egyház és az európai integráció 2004); I created the survey used for the basis of the book
  • Imre Lénárt: The perception of the Roman Catholic Church during socialism and today - in a regional section. In: Ethnocultural encounters in Central Europe - historical and contemporary sections. 2006.
  • Imre Lénárt: The value system of high school students in Hungary today. In: Apáczai Days 2006 – Collection of essays. 2007.
  • Imre Lénárt – Katalin Dudás: Hungarian Green Attitudes and Behaviour. In: microCAD 2007 International Scienticfic Conference. Section O: Economic Challenges II. (Conference collection. Editors: Dr. Lehoczky László, Dr. Kalmár László) 2007. 259-266. p. (ISBN 978-963-661-742-4, ISBN 978-963-661-756)
  • Imre Lénárt – Katalin Dudás: Recycling behaviour and environmental attitudes in Hungary. In: PhD Students’ VI. International Conference. 2007.