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I am Imre Lénárt, economist and owner and leading advisor at Lénárt Education. I graduated from the University of Pécs in 2001, where I majored in institutional system of monetary regulation. First, I focused on education and research. I taught and researched statistical methodology, mathematical-statistical models, MS Excel (and VBA) as well as market and public opinion research in Hungarian and English languages for 10 years. Following my university teaching career, I attained practical application of my theoretical knowledge at the major-leagues of the economic world. I consciously built my career to gain extensive experience, so that later on I could apply this knowledge and benefit from it in my own, private business, and provide the most outstanding service for my partners.

Professional experience (10 years):

  • MNB (Central Bank of Hungary) – statistical analyst,
  • MSCI – Market Data Analyst,
  • Morgan Stanley – I created and led the Market Database and Quality Assurance team at Market Risk Infrastructure Group.

During this time period, I learned the innovative approach, efficiency and practical application of world-class methods that are typical of multinational companies.

Teaching experience (10 years):

  • PTE, ELTE, University of Óbuda, Metropolitan University:  Theory and Practice of Mathematical-Statistical Models, MS Excel, and Market Research and Public Surveying in Hungarian and English languages.
  • I taught the practical application of MS Excel (and VBA) as a guest lecturer at the Masterfield Education Center.

During my teaching career, I took part in several research projects and authored numerous publications:

  • János Wildmann – Catholic Mirror, The Hungarian Church and the European integration 2004 (Katolikus Tükör, A magyar egyház és az európai integráció 2004); I created the survey used for the basis of the book
  • Imre Lénárt: The perception of the Roman Catholic Church during socialism and today - in a regional section. In: Ethnocultural encounters in Central Europe - historical and contemporary sections. 2006.
  • Imre Lénárt: The value system of high school students in Hungary today. In: Apáczai Days 2006 – Collection of essays. 2007.
  • Imre Lénárt – Katalin Dudás: Hungarian Green Attitudes and Behaviour. In: microCAD 2007 International Scienticfic Conference. Section O: Economic Challenges II. (Conference collection. Editors: Dr. Lehoczky László, Dr. Kalmár László) 2007. 259-266. p. (ISBN 978-963-661-742-4 Ö, ISBN 978-963-661-756)
  • Imre Lénárt – Katalin Dudás: Recycling behaviour and environmental attitudes in Hungary. In: PhD Students’ VI. International Conference. 2007.
  • Analysis of horse-related injuries in children, Kiss K, Swatek P, Lénárt I, Mayr J, Schmidt B, Pintér A, Höllwarth ME. In: Pediatric Surgery International, Volume 24, Number 10 / October, 2008
  • HrQol Questionnaire in Children With Urinary Bladder Augmentation or  Substitution, Vajda, P., Kispal, Z., Lenart, I., Farkas, A., Vastyan, A.M. and Pinter, A.B. J.Ped Int. 2009. vol 25 number 2  195-201

With the combination of comprehensive theoretical knowledge, educational experience, and several years of practical experience at leading multinational companies, I have managed to reach such an exceptionally high standard, that I can safely say, if an analyst is needed, I am the best choice!

If you need a professional analyst, who is well-prepared, maximalist and has extensive theoretical knowledge and international experience, please take the opportunity and contact me.