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MS Excel and VBA macro courses

I do basic, intermediate and advanced training using my own, up-to-date, practice-oriented training material, while keeping in mind the unique needs of companies, the course material is customizable, always adapting to the needs of the client in order for them to be able to make the most of it.
As I speak English fluently, I can also teach courses in English if needed.

What is the course about?

  • Timetable customized for business needs
  • Training material personalized for the level of knowledge and work processes of colleagues
  • Data management at basic / advanced level
  • Professional usage of Microsoft Excel
  • Solve occasional and everyday workplace spreadsheet problems
  • Managing functions, lists, compiling and updating statements (pivot tables), creating their layout
  • Create attractive, transparent, easy-to-understand diagrams
  • Immediate, practical knowledge
  • Guaranteed efficiency gains
  • Practice-oriented education
  • Using tricks, keyboard shortcuts
  • Capturing, editing macros, introducing them to creating macros
  • Automation, Userform, emailing, printing, file management with macros